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What is Xeriscaping?

It is really simple, just plants that do well without alot of water. With a drip system, this makes it easy since a drip can be installed with drip emitters releasing a measured amount of water to each plant on the same line. The drip is installed usually under bark mulch or rock but can be burried too. The benefit of mulch or bark when you want to xeriscape is it holds moisture in near and around the plants eliminating the need to water so often. Any plant can be added to your xeriscape planting, even those that do like more water simply by adding more or larger emmiters to the plant that needs more water. Many plants are easily adapted to the xeriscape planting allowing your yard to be one of the showiest yards around. There are however very few plants that are totally drought resistent without any water. They all require water to get them established and periodic watering throughout the summer in the Klamath Basin. Without any water they will quickly dry up and your yard won't be the most beautiful on the block anymore.


Plants that can tolerate somewhat dry areas are iris, lilacs, ornamental grasses, succulents such as sedum & hen & chicks, catmint, lavender, daylillies, thyme, junipers and spruce trees as well as bulbs.

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