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Doug McCabe
Doug McCabe
Adam there is a miracle leak finder. They did a lot of work in my yard over a couple of years and they've found and fixed 2 leaks that confounded me!
Adam Motz
Adam Motz
Well considering I'm an employee all I can say is we have the best customers ever. Thank you everyone that has used us.
Wendy Durighello
Wendy Durighello
amazing company to work with. Very quick and thorough response and reasonably priced. Love them!!

Saving Water

Klamath Falls seems to have quite a bit of water, but many farmers in the area seem to think otherwise. The Klamath Basin has been in a drought or a lack of rain for years.

Klamath Basin Water Crisis

  • Make sure sprinkler systems are running efficiently. Checking your sprinklers while they are running will help you identify leaks or misdirected spray.
  • Adjust sprinklers placement to improve coverage and are watering uniformly. This will help solve brown or yellow spots in the lawn.
  • Use high efficiency sprinkler equipment to save additional water. Shades of Green Landscaping uses the highest quality Pro-grade sprinkler systems available to landscape and sprinkler contractors.

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All work is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.