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Does your yard need a new lawn irrigation sprinkler system installed. Don’t worry about it any longer, call Shades of Green and get on the schedule. Shades of Green also provides maintenance to help keep your sprinklers working at their optimum.Optimally operating sprinkler systems will use less water, so it is a good idea to have your system looked at once every five years.


Drip Systems

A proper installed drip irrigation system allows for just the right amount of water to drip slowly into your soil in order to nourish your plants roots directly.

This can actually save gallons of water and lower you water bill.

Sprinkler Services

  • Professional Rainbird products
  • Timers and controllers
  • Valves
  • Spray heads and nozzles
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Doug McCabe
Doug McCabe
Adam there is a miracle leak finder. They did a lot of work in my yard over a couple of years and they've found and fixed 2 leaks that confounded me!
Adam Motz
Adam Motz
Well considering I'm an employee all I can say is we have the best customers ever. Thank you everyone that has used us.
Wendy Durighello
Wendy Durighello
amazing company to work with. Very quick and thorough response and reasonably priced. Love them!!

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Being Water Wise

Water Wise gardening is a style of irrigation and landscape design that uses a minimal amount of water.

Learn more about being water wise in your yard and landscape design.

OSU Water Wise