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Yard Cleanup & Hauling

Get Your Yard Back In Shape

When your vegetation has outgrown your yard, it is time for a yard cleanup team to manicure it and haul it away. Shades of Green will get it done. Not only will they cut and haul, but the plants will look healthy and beautiful again too.


Brush Removal

but the bush they grow on is a very fast growing plant and can overtake an entire landscape.

Shades of Green recommends removing blackberry bushes before they become unmanageable.

Tree & Shrub Trimming

Overgrown vines can damage your home when they are allowed to grow on it. Don’t let your home get damaged by overgrown plants and shrubs.

All of our work is fully licensed, bonded, and insured.

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Doug McCabe
Doug McCabe
Adam there is a miracle leak finder. They did a lot of work in my yard over a couple of years and they've found and fixed 2 leaks that confounded me!
Adam Motz
Adam Motz
Well considering I'm an employee all I can say is we have the best customers ever. Thank you everyone that has used us.
Wendy Durighello
Wendy Durighello
amazing company to work with. Very quick and thorough response and reasonably priced. Love them!!

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Abatement Services

Sometimes overgrowth can be completely out of control, but you think you can still handle the enormous task.

Most homeowners think, if I put an hour on the weekend cutting and trimming, the issue will be under control.

The problem is, that many vines and larger yards growth is completely unmanageable for one person without the proper equipment to handle.